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Data Scientist
Microsoft Technology Associate(MTA)

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate( MCSA)

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert ( MCSE)- Data management and analytics
ElectivesTo earn MTA Certification, you pass one exam:
• Data Base Fundamentals
To Earn MCSA Certification pass any two of the following electives depending on your area of interest:
• Querying MS SQL server 2012/2014
• Administering Ms SQL server 2012/2014 data bases.
• Implementing a Data warehouse with Microsoft SQL server 2012/2014
• Querying Data with Transact – SQL.
• Developing SQL Databases
• Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure
• Provisioning SQL Databases
• Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse
• Developing SQL Data models
To earn MCSE Certification pass any one of the following Electives:
• Designing and Implementing Data platform solutions.
• Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics solutions
• Developing Ms SQL server databases
• Designing Database solutions for Ms SQL Server.
• Implementing data models and reports with Ms SQL server
• Designing business intelligence solutions with Ms SQL server
Duration 24 Hours30 Hours per Elective30 Hours per Elective
Tuition Fees(Ksh) 18,000/=18,000/= per elective 25,000/= per elective
Exam Fees( Payable to Microsoft)(Ksh) 11,500/= 11,500/= per elective11,500/= per elective


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