Microsoft Certified Educator PathStage 1Stage 2

Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE)(ICT Integration in Learning)

Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

(ICT competency in Training)
ElectivesTo earn MCE Certification, you pass one Single exam with 6 Content areas mapped on UNESCO ICT Competency framework for Teachers, Technology Literacy:
• Education Policy
• Organization and Administration
• ICT/Technology tools
• Pedagogy
• Curriculum and Assessment
• Professional Development
The MCT is obtained by first proving to Microsoft that one holds a current Microsoft certification, one year of instruction experience (supporting reference required), plus verifiable instructional skills in the form of an acceptable instructor certification (such as CompTIA CTT+, Microsoft Certified Trainer Instructional Skills Certification (MCT-ISC) or IAMCT Approved Technical Trainer).

To renew, credential holders must possess at least one current Microsoft credential, meet the minimum instruction requirements of teaching at least one class, and maintain a Metrics that Matter quality score of at least seven. As an MCT, you have access to the MCP benefits and exams dashboard, prep kits, the MCT community, Microsoft Online Labs and much more.
Duration 30 Hours 24 Hours
Tuition Fees(Ksh) 18,000/= per elective20,000/= per elective
Exam Fees ( Payable to Microsoft)(Ksh) 11,500/= per elective11,500/= per elective


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