3.1: Introduction:

Final Cut Pro offers unprecedented speed and superior quality through every part of the post-production workflow. Designed to take full advantage of the power of OS X and multicore Mac computers, Final Cut Pro X operates at blazing speeds and with superior quality.

Motion graphics set the scene in the latest release of Final Cut Pro. Create stunning 3D titles in just a few clicks. Adjust the look, lighting, animation, and more with simple controls that generate studio-quality titles. Colour grade with multiple scopes, easily apply custom masks, and save custom effects for quick access later. This can be done all on a wider range of video, because Final Cut Pro adds support for the latest pro formats from Panasonic and Sony and features blazing GPU acceleration for RED RAW footage.

3.2: Who will be trained?

Production teams (video editors, camera persons and journalists) require effective processes and softwares to plan, collaborate, monitor  and execute projects they are responsible for. These teams  need a highly effective broadcast quality video production software that will produce high quality videos. Final Cut Pro X is best suitable for this work.


3.3:  Justification for the Training:

Following KBCs recent upgrading of its Final Cut Pro X software in the production department on MAC machines from 10.5.1 to 10.9.1 version, the production teams require effective training and skills upgrading on using this software.


This training will therefore provide participants with the skills and knowledge required to use Final Cut Pro X software, improve on service delivery and keep in tandem with the most recent technology in the broadcasting industry.

Indeed, this training is designed for anyone who wants to edit professional-quality video with Final Cut Pro X and prefers hands-on and interactive instruction.


3.4: Training Scope and objectives:

This program has been developed to provide the proper level of training needed for a range of users, from the novice to the expert users.These include the video editors, camera persons and journalists and all personel who run both TV and Radio programs.


Objectives of the trianing:

By the end of the training, the trainee should be able to:


·         Edit and produce high quality video

·         Create stunning 3D titles

·         Operate with the Final Cut Pro X software in a net worked environment

·         Demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to take full advantage of all features in Final Cut Pro X and associated soft ware such as Motion andc compression. See Apendix II for course Comntent


3.5: Assumptions:

The main assumption in our training plan is that the participants have prior knowledge on

·         Video production

·         Non Linear Editing (NLE)  application

·          Knowledge of OS X and basic computer navigation

·         Basic knowledge of video editing terminology is highly recommended


3.6: Training Methodology:

The training will take a total of Three (3) days runnning from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.


To ensure quality and standards, each participant will be assigned a machine. The training will involve both practical/hands-on training and  theory, using a mixture of lectures, discussions and exercises.


Training materials to be used:

·         IMacBook pro Laptops/Computers with their accessories pre-installed with Final Cut Pro X Ver. 1.4.

·         Projector

·         Training manuals( To be given to trainees)

·         Note book and pen


3.7: Course Evaluation:

Immediately at the end of the training, learners will fill an evaluation questionnaire which is meant to determine among other things:

·         The relevance of training to the learners needs

·         The suitability of the trainers of the course

·         Any other areas that the learners feel they should be trained in to boost their skills


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