Our academy trained the judiciary team on the installation and configuration of Windows Server 2012

We trained the KBC team on a media course based on Final Cut Pro X

Ministry of Agriculture team enrolled with us on Agriculture Data Management Information course

TSC members were able to be trained on the Digital Learning Platform course in our Academy

KICD team were able to learn on how to use HTML, and also how it functions through our training.

We also trained the Novel Technologies team in a Project Management Course

Training was done to the KEMSA team on the Information Security Management System course

We trained the ComChoice group in the synergy course whereby they were able to learn more about telecommunicatons

Through our academy training the KNH team were able to learn and understand the Acti CCTV System Admins course

We trained the PAC university team on a Media course based on Final Cut Pro X

ICPAK team were trained on the Intermediate MS Excel Training course